About Open Film


The night of November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump won his presidential election and the country was never the same. That same night at an ordinary American city diner, 14 characters were brought together by fate. Simulating the storm in America that began to form as a result of the election. The issues addressed in this film are racism, immigration and misogyny.

Directors Statement

Throughout my life I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of trauma, happiness, and curiosity from growing up bi-racial. This in the end taught me to have an open mind for the world around me. With this mindset I quickly learned right from wrong and observed the evil that was taking place in America. This film is meant to show issues that have affected not only myself, but also millions of other Americans facing the same issues. These topics include racism, immigration, and misogyny. Each on one of these topics are represented by characters in the film. Together, they foreshadow the direction America took as a society.